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We craft annual reports that make brands come vibrantly alive, integrating the brand story and operational numbers into a multi-dimensional picture that makes for an immersive experience.

Investor Communications Features

Key Services

  • Annual Reports
  • Integrated Reports
  • Sustainability Reports
  • E-Annual Reports
  • IR Microsites
key services
  • Investor Presentations (Static & Dynamic)
  • Investor Updates
  • Investor Apps
  • Chairman’s Letters to Shareholders
  • Management Profiles

Annual Reports

As the flagship of your corporate communications, Annual Report, we believe must focus on selling the future, not simply informing on the present. WyattPrism Annual Reports are research-based, content-lead and design-driven. We use creative, compelling and focused narratives to contextualize the numbers and convey the larger story. Engaging the readers with the most relevant information in a digestible format, we are experts in producing Annual Reports that are read, remembered and rewarded.

Integrated, not complicated. That’s the way we function. Our in-house ace team of strategic thinkers, researchers, finance experts, content writers, creative directors, visualisers, digital savvies and dedicated project managers brilliantly bring to life your story and complete even the most complex project with ease.

Our Capabilities

  • LEADERS: We are India’s top Annual Report and Integrated Report specialists. We have dominated with 56 awards in the last four years, including the coveted international award from the League of American Communications Professionals LLP (LACP).

  • EXPERIENCED: Over 15 years of experience in the annual report domain enables us to create engaging communications that impact shareholder value and perception. We have written reports for a range of clients - Fortune 500 companies, Not-for-profit organizations and corporate foundations, Private companies, Public Sector and other organizations.

  • DIFFERENTIATION: Amalgamating the science of research with the art of narration, our Annual Reports stand-out for being informative, incisive and insightful, deeply connecting with investors and audiences.

  • SECTOR-AGNOSTIC: With proven capabilities and many years of experience in a wide range of sectors, we are at home in your industry. From IT to infrastructure, pharmaceuticals to power and BFSI to FMCG, our Annual Report content and design team are fluent in the language, terminology, style and creative requirements of a wide spectrum of business.

  • TRUSTED: In FY2017, we worked with 100+ known brands to turn their Annual Reports into a strategic communications tool. By adopting a best-practice led approach, understanding the mindset of the management team and investors, determining positioning, and developing narratives and design that presents investment case and business story in a compelling format, we transform an annual report from a statutory document to an Ambassador Document for your organization.

  • INTEGRATED: Our full-time in-house team of ace analysts, content writers, art directors, visualisers, production experts and relationship managers make work simpler for you. Plus, our digital savvy team will seamlessly convert your printed Annual Report into an engaging and interactive format.

  • STRONG PRESENCE, PROFESSIONAL APPROACH: As a professional annual report agency, we are neither individual dependent nor location limited. With full-fledged offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata and Bangalore we are located closer to service your business requirements. Ease and efficiency naturally follow.

How We do it?

A simple but powerful process that balances the freedom to create, with the reality of the corporate world vision. Driving our creative solutions from the drawing board to the marketplace.



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