We craft annual reports that make brands come vibrantly alive, integrating the brand story and operational numbers into a multi-dimensional picture that makes for an immersive experience.

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Our corporate profiles, sustainability reports, CSR brochures, and internal newsletters break the traditional moulds, and deliver the brand message though interactive digital means and innovative print products.

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Marketing communications

Our strategies celebrate the global phenomenon of connected thinking, in which consumers and brands draw energy from each other and respond instantaneously in a rapidly shifting landscape.

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Digital communications

We design mobile-first websites, interactive annual reports micro-sites, apps and digital marketing solutions that go straight to the heart of this hyper-informed world with a powerful message.

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We have every kind of proficiency required to shape information for every kind of communication need. In January 2016, Wyatt and Prism merged into a single entity to emerge as an integrated communication firm fusing the best of research with writing, content with creativity, and design with digital capabilities.

We work with some of biggest corporate brands in taking their Annual Report beyond a statutory requirement and transforming them into Ambassador Documents impacting all stakeholders.

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Won 104 awards in the last 5 years in Investor Relations and Corporate Communications at various prestigious forums.

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Our Work

Spanning a vast range of communications material, both print and digital, our projects fulfil each and every purpose of a brand, guaranteeing top-of-the-mind recall and stakeholder confidence.

Our Expert Team

Industry-leading expertise in analysing business details, creating effective written content, and wrapping all communication in stimulating design characterises our team, whose members are highly experienced and skilled in their respective fields.

Our clients

We have won the faith of the best-known brands across all the major business sectors of India. Our in-house expertise in information packaging enables all clients to attract today’s data-empowered consumer and investor.

Our work speaks for us.

So do our clients.

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